DoC: Cultural Heritage System (CHS)

Under Development -- Data Correction

Prototype I: Inception Report and Requirement Analysis From Mid-Sept 2021 To 22nd Dec 2022 Version 1.0 Submitted Inception Report on 23rd Dec 2021
Prototype II: Authentication/Permission/Heritage Inventory and UI/UX Design From 24th Dec 2022 To 31st March 2022 Version 1.1 Presented on 26th March 2022 and on 3rd May 2022
Prototype III: Database Design and Protection-Application Work Flow From 2nd April 2022 To 16th May 2022 Version 1.2 Presented on 17th May 2022
Prototype IV: Heritage Inventory- Data Migration of 20 Dzongkhags and Protection Application From 18th May 2022 To 6th June 2022 Version 1.3 Presented on 7th June 2022
Prototype V: Protection Application Form and Work Flow/Roles/Status of Application From 8th June 2022 To 19th June 2022 Version 1.4 Presented on 20th June 2022
Draft Final: Review of Inventory Input Details and Attachments From 21st June 2022 To 30th June 2022 Version 2.0 -